Laptop Vs Desktop

Many people have trouble in deciding whether they are best going for a laptop or desktop, there are certain characteristics that you can look out for to help make that decision for you.

The best thing about a laptop is being able to move it around with ease, if you work from home and in an office you can use the same laptop so that all your files are in one place which saves time in transferring them every day. A decent laptop can be considerably cheaper than a desktop as most of the peripherals are included such as screen, keyboard, mouse, wi-fi connection, etc. Another factor that gives the laptop the edge over the desktop is the built in battery, if you were to have a power cut you would not lose any data. You can run your laptop direct from the mains and in the event of a power surge or power cut its inbuilt battery would kick in and allow you to carry on working until that runs out. You are always best keeping the battery topped up as you never know when you might need it.

The laptop does have its downsides such as having a small screen compared to some of the monitors available in today's world. A good laptop can be expensive and if broken you may not be able to repair it if the component it inbuilt to the main board itself. If you were to get a 2 GHz processor in your laptop it would not be the same as a 2 GHz processor in your desktop, they run at about a 30% slower speed so you would need to compensate for that factor.

If you're considering a desktop then you will know it has many benefits over a laptop. They are slightly more powerful compared to the equivalent laptop and are easily upgradeable and can be repaired with ease if a certain component was to fail. The average desktop will last significantly longer then any laptop as they don't break as easily and can be upgraded to support today's technology.

The main downside to a desktop is the fact it's not portable, if you want to move it around it causes a lot of hassle disconnecting all of the peripherals etc and reconnecting them once you get to your destination. Another is the fact of not having an inbuilt battery, if you were to have a power cut you would lose any unsaved data. You can buy an external battery to counter act this.

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